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Tungsten Rings vs Titanium

Tungsten Wedding Bands vs. Titanium – Which would you choose?


Tungsten wedding bands vs Titanium, which is best for you? Tungsten and Titanium are two of the most widely used metals for the creation of rings in

today’s jewelry market. Many people can get confused between them and not know which one would

be the better choice. Some may not even stop to think about it and just go with whatever is available.

But, knowing the difference between Titanium and Tungsten can be very helpful when purchasing a

wedding band for the first time, you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Before you make a decision on a wedding band that will be in your life forever take a look at

some of the components that separate Titanium and Tungsten rings from each other. Hopefully then

you will be able to choose which metal band you would prefer to go with.


Scratch Resistance-


When it comes to the quality of your wedding ring. The first thing you should think about is how

long it will stay looking new and original. Both of these metals are durable and can withstand quite a bit

of wear and tear. But, that does not mean that they will look the same after many years. Titanium is

known to scratch easily, so you must be very careful about what types of activities you do while wearing

it. Tungsten on the other hand has a better resistance to scratches and if you get a Tungsten band with a

polished finish it can be restored back to its original look and keep looking good for many years to come.


Break vs. Bend-


This next information should hopefully catch the attention of those hard working men or

women in the tradesmen industries. When working with heavy equipment you always want to make

sure what you are wearing is safe for any misfortune that could occur. For instance, if your hand was to

be smashed by equipment, would you rather have a Tungsten ring that would break when too much

force is applied to it, or would you rather have a Titanium ring that would bend under too much

pressure and probably cause more damage to your hand than what is already done? You make the





When it comes to engraving a Titanium or Tungsten ring, there are a lot of people who think it is

not possible to engrave a Tungsten ring so, they try to stay clear of it. But just to clear the air, that is not

true. Although it cannot be engraved by traditional methods like Titanium can, Tungsten can be

engraved using a laser and a lot of people prefer that method anyways. Using the laser method leaves

the ring with a smooth textured finish and some say it actually lasts longer than any other type of

engraving style. So now that we know this, let’s keep it moving and see what else there is to know about

these two metals.




On the scale, Titanium does weigh fairly less when put up next to the Tungsten metal. This component

of the metals can only be chosen by the person wearing the ring. Whether they like a lightweight ring

and go with Titanium or whether they like a heavier ring and chose to go with Tungsten that decision is

completely up to them. However, one thing that is good to know is that usually when a metal is

lightweight it is considered to be a cheap or fake compared to more costly metals. Also keep in mind,

being married should be something you always want to remember, so it wouldn’t be bad thing to go

with a Tungsten ring and actually be able to feel its presence on your finger.




Finally, the most important thing that I am sure is on almost everyone’s mind when purchasing a

wedding band is, how much will it cost me? Well, Titanium and Tungsten have many different price tags

the overall price depends on the type of quality, craftsmanship and manufacturer the ring has been

through. So, for this you should make sure that you go with a company that will offer a satisfaction

guarantee as well as some type of lifetime warranty for whichever ring you decide to go with.


So, Which one should you go with?


The decision is completely up to you, but hopefully after reading all the information above you can make

a decision that is best fit for you. Whether you choose to go with Titanium or Tungsten chose something

you will be happy with. This wedding band will be something important and will be in your life for many

years to come. But don’t forget to go with a company that will back you up on your decision in case you

do change your mind, they will not hesitate to help you change it as long as you stick within their policy

range which is usually within thirty days of purchase.


So, don’t wait any longer. Now that you have your decision made go and pick out your ring today!